Company history

Where we come from

Jäger Consulting Engineers Ltd. has its historic roots in the last months of the breakdown of the GDR (German Democratic Republic, i.e. East Germany). Immediately after the private entrepreneurship was permitted again, several partners who already had cooperated partly in the GDR Academy of Architecture decided to set up an engineering office. One of them was Professor Dr. Ing. Wolfram Jäger, who himself is the descendant of an old Meissen construction dynasty (Rühle company).

On March 16, 1990, exactly two days before the first free parliamentary elections in the former GDR, the business was started in Radebeul – a suburb of Dresden – in private residential premises with a lot of enthusiasm.

The early days were difficult, because the framework conditions were changing with tremendous speed. GDR rights and standards became German federal;  faster than old infrastructure became obsolete, new arose. In these times Professor Jäger decided to consolidate the company as a sole proprietorship first.

The company, the project sizes, and the number of employees grew rapidly, so that it was decided to build on our own and remodel the dilapidated residential building to the registered office at its current location. Since 2001 our company is to be run as limited liability company and had its current name.

We are globally recognized experts in special projects like renovation and reconstruction of historical buildings. Over the years many interesting projects have been realized, for example the reconstruction of the Frauenkirche Dresden, the redevelopment of a part of the crusader castle Krak des Chevaliers in Syria, and the restoration of the Sistani's House in the Citadel of Bam (Iran) after the devastating earthquake in 2003. At this point our knowledge and experience in the masonry is exceptional.

In March 2015 we proudly celebrated our 25th anniversary.