Fire protection

Fire protection concepts and constructional fire protection

Nowadays the compliance of fire safety regulations plays an important role in almost all planning tasks. Particularly in public planning works the development of a fire protection concept is required by law. Often these fire protection concepts or expert's reports have to be created for the conversion of existing buildings. Especially for listed buildings the focus is on the greatest possible maintenance of the historical valuable structural fabric. On the other side, we do not intend to change our modern lifestyle. That is why flexible usages and complex room geometries are as much desired as a high safety standard.

Regardless of new construction, existing historical buildings or reutilization of buildings, fire protection has to be understood more than ever as a the holistic building planning. It is important to involve a qualified professional planner for the fire protection in the planning as soon as possible to be able to develop and finally put into practice individual solutions on the one hand and appropriate economical solutions for your building on the other hand.

Jäger Consulting Engineers Ltd. has the necessary experience to solve the problems of structural, technical and operational fire protection for your building and implement the concept individually.

We offer the following services:

  • Consultation for fire protection
  • Development of fire protection concepts and expert reports
  • Preparation of structurally engineered itemization with numerical simulation (itemization of individual components)
  • Plans for emergency escape routes