Planning of facades

Planning of facades

At present, the restoration of historic facades is experiencing a renaissance. In this process the facade is build of masonry and natural stone following the historical model. As a result of user demands, it is often impossible to develop such facades as supporting walls while ensuring the static constructional and building physical requirements. Consequently, these facades are often planned as facing with insulating layers in front of a supporting reinforced concrete structure.

Although the structural design can thereby be carried out on the bases of the current regulations, it is always necessary to adapt details, that are not regulated in standards.

In particular, this concerns:

  • Anchor bolt connections in natural stone
  • Melted / poured lead in natural stone
  • Fire behaviour of natural stone
  • Integration of old stones in the construction
  • Upgrading and refurbishment of old stones for reuse
  • Fixation of massiv natural stones without bonding dimension in bare masonry with anchors
  • Forming of hidden expansion joints in the facing

Regarding to these concerns, we can draw on a wealth of experience, for example the test results of our own and others' planning, on the basis of which the agreement can be dispensed in individual cases.