Construction of office building "Hafen-Office" Düsseldorf

Hafen Office Düsseldorf

In the course of the restructuring of the port area Düsseldorf the Frankonia company builds a 75 m high office tower.

The foundation is carried out by means of a 1.50 m thick floor plate that is completed due to the upcoming groundwater as a water proofed basement. The ceilings are planned as point supported flat slabs. The shall was used for the piers were be applied s high-strength concrete.

The overall stability of the skyscraper were be guaranteed by two eccentrically located shear walls and the supply core.

Structural design of the all solid building elements and of the overall stability

Werner Sobek Ingenieure Stuttgart

FRANKONIA Eurobau Düsseldorf Hafen-Office GmbH, Nettetal

Murphy / Jahn Architects, Chicago

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