Specific proofs

Specific proofs outside the standardization

Today's planning tasks demand increasingly individualized solutions. This means that rules for the application of rules like standards, certifications, guidelines, type statistics or even product help are not available in any case. Here, proprietary developments of technical solutions and design approaches are necessary. At the same time, a deeper physical-mechanical understanding, background knowledge and scientific approach as well as special software are required. The subjects in focus are:

  • Geometrically and physically nonlinear calculations
  • Constructional fire protection certificates (numerical simulation)
  • Transient (time-dependent) calculations
  • Proofs under dynamic stress
  • Hydration in massive elements (time- and position-dependent)
  • Coupled multi physics simulations
    • Thermal-mechanical structures
    • Calculation of seepage flow with attached mechanical calculation
  • Statistical evaluations and considerations