Structural design

Structural design for new building and renovation projects

Structural design is one of the basic disciplines in a construction planning process. Therein theoretical approaches are applied to practical construction issues. The technologies and calculation methods within structural engineering have developed, whereas the proven planning process has remained. Thereby, it becomes possible, more than ever, that both, requirements on functionality and aesthetics, as well as on agreed budgets of structures can be satisfied in the same manner.

All carrying parts of a construction together form the supporting structure. High-buildings as well as bridges or infrastructure buildings of masonry, concrete, steel or timber: They have to meet the requirements of structural safety and serviceability during their entire.

Jäger Consulting Engineers Ltd. develops structures economically, innovatively, and efficiently. In this way, sophisticated solutions are created with the aid of pioneering building technique, for example the application of prestressed ceilings and wall panels in the new construction sector or by use of CFRP strips for strengthening existing structures.

We work on new construction and renovation projects in areas like:

  • Housing construction
  • Commercial and industrial construction
  • Bridge building
  • Infrastructure building