Structural testing

Structural testing and monitoring

Structural testing and monitoring is an important, legally established part of quality assurance in the construction industry and guarantees safety and high quality as well as the stability of value of the building.

Since every building is unique, it is important to detect possible errors in the technical documentation and in the construction in time, to prevent subsequent structural damages in advance. The test is carried out according to the "four-eye-principle" (planning engineer + test engineer) with respect to the safety for human life and limb, quality and value retention of the building. The detection of possible errors saves foreseeable, subsequent costs as well as trouble and disputes for the builders.

All structural tests are performed by Professor Dr.-Ing. Wolfram Jäger (website of Jäger Prüfingenieur), he is the chairman of "Landesvereinigung der Prüfingenieure für Bautechnik in Sachsen e.V." (VPI - Association of test engineers for structural engineering in Saxony). As a test engineer for stability in the discipline of masonry, he can draw on a longtime wealth of experience and thus guarantees a technically profound and timely testing.

This service is only available in Germany.